• • Last weekend I spent some time in the forest picking these beautiful funnel chanterelles. Oh what a joy it is to just wander there and lose track of the time. 🍂
  • • It looks like November. Dark but beautiful.
  • • Monday baking! Today I woke up before seven just to have a run before the first meeting of the day – it was so beautiful out there when the sun was just rising and the sky was bright pink and orange. Now it’s time to bake for tomorrow’s photoshoot.🍂
  • • Stars can’t shine without darkness
~ If anyone ever wonders why I love autumn and spending my weekends in the countryside, I’ll show them this picture from last night.✨
  • • Perfect time for Saturday dinner! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.🍁
  • • This is one of my favourite views in the world. You can find probably dozens of pictures taken in this spot in my instagram feed, but what can I do. It looks always so beautiful, no matter what season it is.
  • • I can’t get enough of these moody autumn evenings (especially if there’s something fresh baked on the table).