Kaakao on glögin ohella yksi talven ihanimmista juomista lämmittämään kylminä iltoina! Kaakao on parhaimmillaan täyteläisen suklaista – eikä tästä herkusta tarvitse luopua vaikka olisikin vegaani. Nykyään vegaanisia suklaita on tarjolla hyvin ja tavallinen maito on helppo korvata kasvimaidolla. Tästä reseptistä tuli juuri oma suosikkini – ja lupaan että siihen ihastuu jokainen, olet sitten vegaani tai et!

Helppo ja herkullinen vegaaninen kaakaoHelppo ja herkullinen vegaaninen kaakaoHelppo ja herkullinen vegaaninen kaakao

Ihana vegaaninen kaakao

1 iso / 2–3 pienempää kupillista

– 4 dl kauramaitoa

– 1 rkl maissijauhoa
– 3 rkl tomusokeria
– 4 rkl makeuttamatonta kaakaojauhetta
– ripaus kanelia
– 50 g vegaanista tummaa suklaata (70%) raastettuna

Kuumenna maitoa isossa kattilassa miedolla lämmöllä (älä päästä maitoa kiehumaan).
Sekoita samalla kulhossa kaikki suklaaseoksen ainekset kunnolla keskenään. Kun maito on kuumaa, sekoita oman maun mukaan n. 7–9 rkl suklaaseosta kunnolla maidon joukkoon. Anna kaakaon kuplia miedolla lämmöllä muutaman minuutin ajan. Nauti kuumana!


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  • I have big and so exciting news I would love to share with you already, but I still have to wait for over 2 weeks! Oh I can’t wait to tell you!✨
I’m also launching a giveaway later this week, so stay tuned for that!
But now a reality check - I just had my dinner straight from the pan while working on my laptop. Working with food doesn’t always mean amazing dining experiences. 🙈 But this kind of busy moments make me appreciate those slow and delicious candle light dinners even more. So my thoughts are on this weekend, more gardening, eating and bathing in sauna coming then!
How’s your week going?✨
  • Happy Easter everyone! 🐣 I’ve spent my whole day in the garden again and now I’m ready for some sauna and delicious dinner with my family. I hope you have a relaxing evening!
And you voted yes – so here are the instructions for natural red cabbage dyed and marbled eggs!
You will need:
• 3-4 cups of red cabbage, roughly chopped
• 2 tablespoons white vinegar
• 2 tablespoons salt
• butter
1. Place the roughly chopped red cabbage into a large saucepan, cover with water and bring to the boil. Allow to cook for about 30 minutes. Strain and save the water.
2. Stir 2 tablespoons white vinegar and 2 tablespoons salt into the hot cabbage water, set aside to cool. Pour into tall glass jars or glasses.
3. (If you want just the blue colour, place the eggs in the cabbage water until you get the colour you want. For me it took about 20 minutes.) If you want the marbled effect, take a little plastic bag, place over your hand and rub a little pieces of butter on it. Scrunch the bag to get an uneven coating of butter on the bag. Just a small amount is enough.
4. Take 1 egg at a time and randomly touch the egg gently with the buttered plastic bag. The more butter the more white. If you want more blue, use less butter.
5. Gently place the egg into the cabbage water until the colour is dark enough and repeat with other eggs.
Easy and so pretty!💙
  • Easter weekend requires an Easter cake!
These couple of days have felt like a week long holiday. I’ve worked in the garden for 10 hours every day but still I’ve had the most relaxing time after these past 3 months full of work. Between therapeutic gardening, eating and sleeping I’ve also spent time in the kitchen enjoying some simple cooking and baking.
I baked this Kinder cake with the recipe of my dear friend @emmaivane and it’s so amazing! I had to change just a couple of things in the recipe – the milk chocolate to darker one and regular vanilla filled cocoa cookies to peppermint ones because our grocery store didn’t have all the original ingredients. But oh how good this is! Easter cake perfection with only 6 ingredients!
What are you baking for this Easter?✨
  • Oh how I love Easter!💙
Every year the Easter week is a short holiday spent in the countryside, far away from the rush and stress. It’s the official start of our gardening season. Today I spent my day in the garden. Yellow little butterflies were dancing in the air and branches were covered in green little buds ready to bloom. It was so warm it felt like summer. I forgot my phone inside – it might have been the first day for months I didn’t remember it existed.
This Easter I wanted to colour my eggs in a natural and organic way. I chose red cabbage which created the most beautiful blue colour – I never want to use artificial colours again! Marbling is also my favourite way to decorate eggs, they look so pretty, don’t they?✨
  • Asparagus season is finally here!🌿
They’re perfect in pies, pastas and salads but also enjoyed just as they are. Maybe with a few slices of parmesan or some hollandaise sauce. Oh, so good!
What are you going to make with this beautiful seasonal ingredient? Do you have any favourite recipes? 💚
  • Fresh baked sourdough bread makes any day better! Just one more day and I can get into my baking mood for the rest of the week. Some Easter cake, pies and other treats will be created in our tiny cottage kitchen!✨
Have you planned your Easter already? 🐣
  • Yesterday it was a well deserved piece of cake, now it is even more deserved cheese platter.🧀🥖🍷
After a long work weekend I’m not sure if I’m ready for Monday, but I try to catch up with relaxing during the last hours of Sunday. I try to focus my thoughts on Wednesday evening when I’m off to our cottage again and spending the Easter and the rest of the week there!✨ Some other things that make me smile right now are all your lovely comments on my latest two posts – I’m so grateful for all your words.💛
How was your weekend?