Kaakao on glögin ohella yksi talven ihanimmista juomista lämmittämään kylminä iltoina! Kaakao on parhaimmillaan täyteläisen suklaista – eikä tästä herkusta tarvitse luopua vaikka olisikin vegaani. Nykyään vegaanisia suklaita on tarjolla hyvin ja tavallinen maito on helppo korvata kasvimaidolla. Tästä reseptistä tuli juuri oma suosikkini – ja lupaan että siihen ihastuu jokainen, olet sitten vegaani tai et!

Helppo ja herkullinen vegaaninen kaakaoHelppo ja herkullinen vegaaninen kaakaoHelppo ja herkullinen vegaaninen kaakao

Ihana vegaaninen kaakao

1 iso / 2–3 pienempää kupillista

– 4 dl kauramaitoa

– 1 rkl maissijauhoa
– 3 rkl tomusokeria
– 4 rkl makeuttamatonta kaakaojauhetta
– ripaus kanelia
– 50 g vegaanista tummaa suklaata (70%) raastettuna

Kuumenna maitoa isossa kattilassa miedolla lämmöllä (älä päästä maitoa kiehumaan).
Sekoita samalla kulhossa kaikki suklaaseoksen ainekset kunnolla keskenään. Kun maito on kuumaa, sekoita oman maun mukaan n. 7–9 rkl suklaaseosta kunnolla maidon joukkoon. Anna kaakaon kuplia miedolla lämmöllä muutaman minuutin ajan. Nauti kuumana!


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  • I feel like my brain has way too many tabs open right now. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Do you know that feeling? When you’re so excited and motivated about so many things that it can actually turn into frustration and anxiety when you can’t focus on one thing at a time. What’s your solution when your mind is on overdrive?
My way to calm my mind is to write all those thoughts on paper (no matter if it’s about work or personal life), so I don’t have to be afraid of forgetting something. Then it’s easier to focus on one thing at a time.
  • “It doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what you are doing.”
We all compare ourselves to others but sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop thinking what others are doing. If someone is better or more successful. If someone is having something you’ve always wanted. It’s hard, but when I’ve learned to forget that, I’ve saved so much energy. When I only focus on what I’m doing and what I value the most, the result is better and I’m closer to achieving my own goals. ✨
Now I’m ready for a busy weekend with work because I’m spending my next week in Lapland! Any plans for the weekend?
  • There are days when the inspiration for something is totally lost and it can be really frustrating. This week I’ve been so excited about photography, but not that inspired about cooking. But hey, you just can’t feel creative everyday and you shouldn’t blame yourself for that. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Forcing it never helps. But that’s perfect time for becoming inspired by other creative people! So, what are your favourite savoury recipes for busy work days right now?
Also, the recipe you voted for is now in my stories! Easy crispy potatoes from my next cookbook. Remember to save the recipe for later! ☝🏻
  • Look at these beautiful creatures! 🐑
I always get so much energy from spending time with animals. Usually with my family’s dog but also with other ones, like this summer afternoon I spent with the lambs of @tiirinkosken_tehdas . I don’t know what it is, but with animals I can’t feel myself anything else than calm and happy. Do you know what I mean?
That’s also one reason why I’m waiting for my next week’s trip even more – I can spend the whole week with my favourite dog!
  • Baking therapy!
This week looks so busy I probably don’t have time for baking but at least I can dream of that coconut cake I’m baking there! ✨
Also go vote to my stories which one of those savoury recipes you would like me to share with you later this week!
  • “Fall is proof that change is beautiful.”
This is one of my favourite quotes I’ve found this year. It’s about autumn but I still wanted to share it right now. Change might make you feel scary and uncertain but sometimes it’s exactly what you need for your life to make it better.
  • Monday it is! Starting this week with a morning meeting and going to spend the afternoon and evening with amazing team of @nikinewd .
And also that wonderland view I have from all of my windows made this morning even better! 
What has made your Monday morning good?