Arkena ei aikaa aina ole kovin monimutkaiselle kokkaukselle, mutta sen ei tarvitse tarkoittaa tylsiä ja toisiaan toistavia aterioita. Itse tehdyt hampurilaiset maistuvat aina hyvältä, varsinkin kun niitä voi varioida loputtomasti! Esimerkiksi lämminsavulohen jämistä ja ruisleivästä voi pyöräyttää superherkullisen, raikkaan ja terveellisen lohiburgerin vain kymmenessä minuutissa. Tätäkin annosta voi varioida lisäämällä vaikkapa avokadoa, halloumia tai paahdettua paprikaa.

Raikas terveellinen lohiburgeri


Raikas lohiburgeri

2 burgeria
10 min

– 250 g lämminsavulohta (ruodottomana)
– 0,5 dl crème fraîchea
– 3 tl dijon-sinappia
– kourallinen tuoretta tilliä
– 1 tl paprikajauhetta
– ripaus suolaa
– ripaus mustapippuria

– 1–2 rkl rypsiöljyä paistamiseen

– 4 palaa ruisleipää
– 2 rkl crème fraîchea
– 2 tl dijon-sinappia
– 1 maustekurkku
– kourallinen rucolaa
– muutama oksa tilliä

Sekoita lohipihvien ainekset keskenään monitoimikoneessa tai sauvasekoittimella tasaiseksimassaksi. Kuumenna öljy paistinpannulla. Muotoile massasta pihvejä ja paista pannulla niin, että molemmat puolet saavat hieman väriä. Kokoa hampurilaiset. Voitele ruisleivät ranskankermalla ja sinapilla. Asettele kahden palan päälle lohipihvit, maustekurkkua siivutettuna, rucolaa ja tilliä. Laita loput leivät kansiksi. Tarjoa heti!


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  • Dinner today - fresh white fish filled with lemon, thyme, basil, parsley, green chilli and salt. One of the most simplest dishes yet so delicious. Served with some roasted new potatoes. This is what summer tastes like.
What’s your favourite simple summer meal?
  • 24 hours behind as a mom for a little puppy. I haven’t slept much, I forget to eat, I don’t remember what day it is and I can’t leave her alone at all. But I still feel so happy that I could just watch her exploring this world all the time. In one day I’ve learned that she’s really brave and seems to learn things very quickly. Her teeth are sharp (and she knows how to use them). Violets seem to be her favourite flowers – I’ve found her eating them way too many times already. Another favourite thing to eat and pull is my hair. She’s full of love and curiosity and I can’t stop smiling when she looks deep into my eyes.
As you may guess, I haven’t cooked or baked much lately but I’m planning to do some delicious things for Midsummer! This cinnamon roll pan is from my From Oven to Table (Peltiruokaa) cookbook. This is one of my favourites to make when there are a lot of people coming over - so perfect for Midsummer party or brunch!
How’s your week going?✨
  • Potatoes on their way! This picture was taken 2 weeks ago, so I can’t wait to see what’s happening in my garden now. But luckily I get there on Wednesday again!
Growing my own vegetables during summer is something I’ve done for a couple of years, and it’s something that makes me appreciate nature even more. There’s no feeling more amazing than picking up from the ground something you’ve grown yourself. You don’t want to waste that, you don’t want to take it for granted. And it will taste better than any vegetable you’ve ever bought.
What are your favourite recipes with new potatoes? I like them simply boiled soft and served with butter and dill or roasted in the oven with a lot of herbs!✨
  • Hello! After a lovely trip to London, I’ve had a really nice weekend babysitting our family dog at my parents. Good time to enjoy the company of an old and wise boy before getting my wild little girl home on Tuesday (finally)!
Next week we’re celebrating Midsummer and I’m also sharing a really easy rhubarb syrup recipe with you - perfect for summery drinks! Definitely going to try that in our Midsummer party!
How was your weekend?
  • Asparagus is still growing in the garden, so that’s a perfect reason to have a bit more of this delicious green veggie before the season ends!
But though it’s a shame that the asparagus season ends soon, I can’t wait to see all the other vegetables growing in the garden, and even more I can’t wait to cook with them. A lot of different herbs, a lot of chard (it became one of my favs last summer), 3 kinds of potatoes, beetroots, courgettes and many things more.
What’s your favourite thing growing in your garden right now?
  • Wishing you a lovely Sunday evening!💜 Any plans for the coming week?
  • The garden looks so pretty now. Everything is growing so fast and I can see a big difference every morning while visiting the garden, let alone when I’ve been away for a week. After tomorrow there will be a 1.5 week break from cottage life and I can’t believe next time I’m coming here with my little puppy girl.
This week I got a video of her biting a plastic swimming pool, so I hope she doesn’t have a thing for biting everything in my garden!🤞🏻Time to hide all my shoes at home!
It’s not even ten o’clock but I’m so ready to go to sleep again. A morning run, long day in the garden, first swim of this summer, cooking, sauna and then dinner. How was your Saturday?✨