Banaaniletut ovat olleet jo muutaman vuoden iso trendi – ja ei ihme, ovathan ne nyt superhyviä ja helppoja valmistaa. Banaanilettuja voi nauttia niin aamiaiseksi kuin jälkiruoaksikin, ja tästä herkusta voi tuunata helposti myös jouluisen version! Ihanan jouluiset banaaniletut sopivat täydellisesti niin hitaisiin talviaamuihin kuin kylmiin iltoihin yhdessä nautittaviksi. Banaaniletut ovat perinteisiä lettuja terveellisempiä, ja siksi niiden nauttimisesta aamiaiseksi ei todellakaan tarvitse potea huonoa omaatuntoa!
Näitä aion syödä joululoman aikana useaan otteeseen!

Ihanat jouluiset banaaniletut

noin 12 pientä lettua
10 min

– 1 banaani
– 2 kananmunaa
– 0,5-1 tl kardemummaa
– 1 tl kanelia
– (rypsiöljyä tai kookosöljyä paistamiseen)

– 1,5 dl maitorahkaa tai turkkilaista jogurttia
– loraus hunajaa
– reilu kourallinen pipareita

Soseuta kuorittu banaani ja kananmunat sauvasekoittimella tasaiseksi. Mausta seos kardemummalla ja kanelilla. Kuumenna lettupannu (voit tehdä letuista minkä kokoisia haluat) ja voitele kevyesti öljyllä. Kaada taikinaa pannulle ja paista miedolla lämmöllä muutaman minuutin ajan, kunnes letun pinta on saanut kunnolla väriä. Käännä ja paista vielä hetken ajan. Siirrä sivuun lautaselle ja toista niin kauan kuin taikinaa riittää. (Itse käytin perinteistä lettupannua, jolla letuista sai helposti sopivan pieniä ja samankokoisia.)

Sekoita pienessä kulhossa maitorahka, loraus hunajaa ja pipareita murskattuna. Nauti lämpimät banaaniletut tämän piparirahkan tai -jogurtin kanssa.


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  • Apple harvest season in the end of summer always keeps us busy. The garden is bursting of those red and green jewels of nature. The branches are humbly bending over the garden with all the weight. And we don’t want to waste any of those beautiful sweet apples.
During those weeks I cook more with apples than I do during the rest of the year. Pies, crumbles, salads, juice – everything. I always try to create as many dishes as I can. Last year after baking a dozen of traditional apple pies, I made this caramelised apple galette - which became one of my favourites. The recipe is coming to my cookbook but I’m probably going to share it here too! I can’t wait for this summer - it’s always so wonderful to pick most of the ingredients from my own garden.
What is your favourite recipe with apples?
Traditional pie or something completely different?
  • Today has been a day of big cups of tea. The sleet has changed to rain and people are running on the streets holding things over their heads - we’ve all forgotten how the spring rain soaks everything it touches.
Right now summer feels like a distant memory. But I’m thinking that soon the grass is peeking from the ground and the colours of nature are turning from grey to green. It’s not far away – change just doesn’t happen overnight.
Now I’m filling my cup with my favourite tea and staying home this evening. It’s quite beautiful to watch the rain washing the streets and melting the remains of white winter.
How does the spring look like there?
More snow coming or nature already blooming with all the shades of green?
  • Hello new week! It looks busy but exciting! I have a long to-do list to complete but my personal goal is to have one free day this week. (I have no idea how I’m going to make that work - wish me luck!)
It might sound crazy to someone but I’m pretty sure you all other creatives out there know this problem with separating your own time from work. It’s not that easy when your work is your passion, right? But just a slow morning with a big cup of tea or a good movie before going to bed can do the work and relieve stress a lot. I’m going to try both of these this week!☝🏻
What kind of plans do you have for this week?
  • After working the whole day my mind is pretty empty and I can’t wait to get to bed and have a good night’s sleep. So no more writing (or anything else that requires thinking) for me today!
I baked these cute little bundt cakes last weekend. The size is perfect, isn’t it? One little cake makes two portions. Actually wouldn’t mind having one just for myself right now!
I hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend and you’re ready for a new week! Happy Sunday!
  • Today I finally sent the first recipes of my next cookbook to my editor. You know when you put your heart into a project and keep it just to yourself as long as you can? And then at some point you need to show it to someone else for the first time. It’s so scary and exciting at the same time.
I’ve created dishes and photographed that book since last summer. I’ve spent hours and hours in the kitchen, cooking and baking more than ever. (And it doesn’t look this pretty during those days - it’s props and food everywhere.) I’ve fought against dark winter days and sometimes I’ve lost that fight. I’ve scheduled way too many recipes and pictures on one day and felt exhausted.
But I’ve also proved myself again that all this makes me happy. Cooking is something I do for passion. I love spreading joy through food. And that moment when food disappears from plates in seconds. Or when people playfully fight over the last piece. ✨
After a long day of creating, I’m sitting on the wooden kitchen floor, tired and covered in flours. And I still find myself thinking: ‘I’m so grateful for this.’
  • Winter seems to be finishing up its shift while the spring is slowly finding its way through the mud and snow. Birds have started to sing. That’s my favourite sign of warmer and lighter days.
Right now I’m laying on the couch - I could already go to sleep after baking and photographing the whole day. The light was so beautiful and the sun shined the whole day. One happy photographer here. Oh how I love spring!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Remember to treat your loved ones with something made with love!
Today I treated myself with a slow morning in best company - a cup of tea and fresh baked croissant. My first meeting was at one o’clock and after waking up without alarm ringing in my ear, it was such a liberating feeling to just lay in my stonewashed cotton sheets, waiting the sun to peek behind the trees.
What has been your plan this Valentine’s Day? Spending the day with your love or enjoying your own company?
I actually like the way we’ve named this day here in Finland. It’s not just about the person you’re dating - here in Finland it’s the day of friends, so you can spread the love to anyone who’s important to you!