Kylmän talvipäivän mausteinen porkkana-omenakeitto

Joulun välipäivinä on ihana rentoutua, ulkoilla ja syödä joulupöydän jäämisiä – jouluruokia ei kuitenkaan välttämättä jaksa päivätolkulla putkeen. Silloin voi lounaaksi pyöräyttää helpon, herkullisen ja lämmittävän sosekeiton. Sosekeitot ovat todellakin aliarvostettuja, sillä nehän ovat helppoa herkkuruokaa parhaimmillaan! Tämä mausteinen porkkana-omenakeitto on täydellinen kylmiin talvipäiviin!

Mausteinen porkkana-omenakeitto

2–3 annosta
35 min
vegaaninen, gluteeniton

– 1 sipuli
– n. 500 g porkkanoita
– 1 punainen omena
– 2 rkl rypsiöljyä
– 2 valkosipulinkynttä
– 1,5 tl kurkumaa
– 1 tl juustokuminaa
– 5 dl kasvislientä
– 2 tl kuivattua timjamia
– 1 dl kookosmaitoa
– suolaa

Kuori sipuli ja porkkanat. Siivuta sipuli ja pilko porkkana noin 2 cm paloiksi. Pese ja pilko myös omena muutaman cm paloiksi.
Kuumenna öljy kattilassa ja paista sipulisilppua ja omenapaloja öljyssä reilu 5 minuuttia, kunnes sipuli ja omena ovat pehmenneet. Kuori ja pilko myös valkosipulinkynnet ja lisää joukkoon. Mausta kurkumalla ja juustokuminalla. Sekoita. (Jos seos tuntuu kuivalta, lisää tarvittaessa 1 rkl rypsiöljyä.) Paista vielä muutaman minuutin ajan välillä sekoitellen. Lisää kattilaan myös porkkanapalat, kasvisliemi ja kuivattu timjami. Anna keiton kiehua noin 15–20 minuuttia, kunnes porkkanat ovat kypsiä.
Kaada keitto tehosekoittimeen ja pyöräytä tasaiseksi tai soseuta kattilassa sauvasekoittimella. Lisää joukkoon kookosmaito ja sekoita. Nauti lämpimänä tai kylmänä! Voit viimeistellä annoksen lorauksella kookosmaitoa ja rapeilla kikherneillä (resepti löytyy täältä). Kasvissosekeitto säilyy jääkaapissa herkullisena useamman päivän ajan!



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  • Last days for picking currants before they’re gone.🌿 We have beautiful red and black varieties in our own garden but we also got these stunning white ones from our neighbours! I’m definitely collecting some seeds, I want to have these in my own garden someday!
It’s magical what nature and countryside do to one’s mind. I have worked here a lot, but just the change of scenery, sea and forests around me, I feel like I would’ve had a free day. I also baked something really delicious – I’m sharing more of it later!
What ingredient has inspired you today?
  • I love August and all those warm colours of the last weeks of summer.🍁 We’ve always had a tradition of noble crayfish party in the end of summer. In Finland the season of crayfish is in the end of summer and it’s common to enjoy them with warm crispy toast, dill and maybe a glass of wine (or two).
I remember having those little parties on the porch of our cottage when I was a child. The evening was getting darker and the table was full of candles. I had a woolen blanket around me and there was music playing in the background. Everything was perfect.
We don’t have an official party this year, but we will have these red little crayfish on our dinner table this weekend. I love this nordic tradition which is an essential part of every August.
Do you have any special summer traditions in your family / country?
  • Slow and dark evenings. Candle light. Rain. Little signs of autumn coming.✨ I know, I know, the summer isn’t over yet, but I still enjoy these nights. I love all seasons, so maybe that’s why the thought of autumn doesn’t even feel bad.
But maybe autumn could still hold for a while so we could get some more time to wander in the green garden and dine on the wooden dock watching the sunset.
What’s your favourite season?
  • Last chance to pick some zucchini flowers! They’re almost too pretty to eat, but who could resist some cheese filled and fried treats from your own garden?
I’m happy to spend my next weekend in the countryside and in my garden again. I can’t wait to see what has happened there during these last 2 weeks. Also I’m pretty sure most of the garden has gone wild after we left, so some work needs to be done there!
How’s your week going? What have you got from your garden lately?
  • After a hard weekend with a lot of surprises, I start to feel pretty normal again. What was supposed to be a weekend filled with free time at my favourite festival, it turned out to be horrible days with the most painful stomach cramps I’ve ever had. And I won’t even get started with the horrible experience with a very unprofessional doctor. But bad things usually leave you with positive and grateful mind. I’m still tired, but I’ve been happy about every little work thing I’ve done today. I think I’ve had my most efficient day for a long time. So sometimes experiencing pain can remind you how happy you should be about all the good things in your life.
I’ve also been so glad about your comments on my smörgåstårta post from Friday. I promised you some details about it, so here we go. I don’t have the exact amounts for everything, but this is a dish you can easily vary the way you want!


Bread ’cake’ base:
• 16 pieces of toast
• lemon juice and water for moistening

• soft goat cheese mixed with cream cheese
• 1-1.5 cucumbers grated
• black kalamata olives (stones removed)
• 4-5 slices of prosciutto cut in smaller pieces (don’t use if you want vegetarian version)
• feta cheese

• soft goat cheese
• cucumber cut in long thing slices
• black olives
• herbs like basil, oregano and mint
• eatable flowers

The most difficult part is making the roll. Remove the edges from toasts. Line the toasts on the baking paper closely next to each other. Moisten with lemon juice and water mixture. Press the edges tightly together so you get a solid cake base. Fill with your favourite fillings. Roll carefully with the help of baking paper. Wrap tightly and leave to set in the fridge for at least an hour. Place on the serving tray and decorate with the toppings you want.
  • I love to start my morning with fruits, berries and granola. I also like to start my mornings healthy, but most of the delicious readymade granolas contain a lot of sugar and some of the sugar free ones might be dry and a bit tasteless. The selection is pretty small especially in grocery stores in the countryside.
But I’m happy to have this sweet chocolate granola recipe, which has made so many mornings taste delicious! I could eat this straight from the jar.


1 dl cashews
1 dl almonds
1 dl oatmeal
1 dl cocoa powder (sugar-free)
2 tbsp mild extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp of grounded cardamom
Pinch of salt
(If you want, some fried berries)

Preheat the oven to 150C.
Crush the cashews and almonds with a knife or in mortar. Mix crushed nuts, oatmeal, cocoa powder, olive oil, honey, cardamom and salt in a bowl. (Don’t add the dried berries at this point.)
Spread the mixture on a baking paper on a baking tray. Bake in the oven about 40 minutes. In the end, check between 2-4 minutes to avoid burning. If the granola isn’t roasted enough, turn the oven to 175C and roast another 5 minutes. Let cool on the baking tray. Then mix in the dried berries. Enjoy on breakfast and brunch!
  • Have you ever heard of smörgåstårta? It’s a Swedish dish and also very popular in Finland. It’s a savoury cake made from bread. 🍞 It’s like a big sandwich filled with anything you want like smoked salmon or ham, cucumber, cream cheese, tomato...
Smörgåstårta is very common especially in summer parties. To be honest, I’m not actually a big fan of them, usually, because some of the versions might be a bit boring. But, when it’s done well and the fillings are good, it’s a delicious and moist savoury cake.
I’m going to share more details of this rolled savoury cake later, but I promise, it was really delicious!
Have you ever tasted or made smörgåstårta yourself?🌿