Inhokista suosikiksi – herkulliset valkosipuli-broccolinit!

Moni voi varmasti allekirjoittaa sen, ettei parsakaali ole ollut kovin monen suosikkivihannes lapsena. Jotkut eivät pidä siitä vielä aikuisenakaan. Usein kaalien kohdalla ongelma ei kuitenkaan ole missään muussa kuin valmistustavassa. Ylikypsäksi keittäminen ja täysi mausteettomuus tekee kaalista mautonta ja se menettää ylikypsentäessä raikkaan vihreän sävynsä.

Hyvin simppeleillä keinoilla tavallisesta ja edullisesta kaalista saa kuitenkin supermaistuvaa! Oma suosikkini tällä hetkellä on broccolini, eli sirompi ja makeampi versio perinteisestä parsakaalista. Se kypsentyy nopeammin kuin tavallinen parsakaali ja on maultaan hieman miedompi. Sitä ei kuitenkaan ole kovin usein tarjolla, joten tavallinen parsakaali on erittäin hyvä vaihtoehto ja myös broccolinia edullisempaa. Jos parsakaali kuuluu yhä inhokkilistallesi, kokeile rohkeasti maustamista ja kypsennä kaali vain kevyesti! Mausteeksi voi kokeilla niin chiliä kuin sitruunaakin!

Simppeli maustettu broccolini valkosipulillaSimppeli maustettu broccolini valkosipulillaSimppeli maustettu broccolini valkosipulillaSimppeli maustettu broccolini valkosipulilla

Simppeli valkosipuli-broccolini

2–3 annosta lisukkeena
15–20 min
vege, gluteeniton

– 4 valkosipulinkynttä
– 0,25 dl rypsiöljyä
– 1 tl paprikajauhetta
– 1 nippu broccolinia (tai parsakaalin kukintoja)

Murskaa valkosipulinkynnet ja lisää pannulle öljyn ja paprikajauheen kanssa. Kuullota muutaman minuutin ajan, välillä sekoitellen. Lisää pannulle huuhdotut broccolinit ja paista valkosipulin ja paprikajauheen kanssa reilu 10 minuuttia, kunnes kaali on pehmennyt hieman. Varo polttamasta valkosipulia. Varsien kuuluu jäädä rapeiksi ja vain kukintojen pehmetä. Nauti heti!
Jos käytät reseptissä tavallista parsakaalia, voit keittää sitä muutaman minuutin kiehuvassa vedessä ennen paistamista, jolloin se ei jää paistaessa llian raa’aksi.


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  • Winter seems to be finishing up its shift while the spring is slowly finding its way through the mud and snow. Birds have started to sing. That’s my favourite sign of warmer and lighter days.
Right now I’m laying on the couch - I could already go to sleep after baking and photographing the whole day. The light was so beautiful and the sun shined the whole day. One happy photographer here. Oh how I love spring!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Remember to treat your loved ones with something made with love!
Today I treated myself with a slow morning in best company - a cup of tea and fresh baked croissant. My first meeting was at one o’clock and after waking up without alarm ringing in my ear, it was such a liberating feeling to just lay in my stonewashed cotton sheets, waiting the sun to peek behind the trees.
What has been your plan this Valentine’s Day? Spending the day with your love or enjoying your own company?
I actually like the way we’ve named this day here in Finland. It’s not just about the person you’re dating - here in Finland it’s the day of friends, so you can spread the love to anyone who’s important to you!
  • I miss our cottage so much. There is something magical in it, something I’ve never succeeded to create in my home in the city. Something that tells a story to those who listen.
In my mind I’m going back to those candlelight dinners on the porch. Those gentle creaks answering to bare feet walking on the old wooden floor. Old windows letting in the beautiful songs of birds. Or sometimes it might be the calming voice of summer rain. And then there’s that little popping sound coming from the living fire dancing in the hearth.
The sky is turning pink and it paints the room with pastel colours. The smell of roasted chicken and summer vegetables is coming from the outdoor kitchen. I can’t think any place I would rather be in.
And I am so lucky I can be there again during Easter holiday!
What’s your safe place that makes you feel like you’re living in a dream?✨
  • Busy workday means pasta day! No matter how busy or tired I am, I’m never too exhausted to cook pasta. And there are so many options to choose from!
Pasta is something that anyone of us can cook, anytime, anywhere around the world. And when it’s done with love and with right ingredients, it can turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever eaten. I’ve had that moment many times - it’s almost magical how something so simple can taste so heavenly!
It’s hard (okay, impossible) to choose only one. But if I had to pick some of my all time favourites, I would say sage butter pasta or cacio e pepe with lemon. Is there anything better than that? (Just a hint, if you ever see me mad, give me a bowl of either one and I’ll be happy).
Who’s with me? What’s your choice of pasta?
Tell me your favourite(s) in the comments or just post 💛 if you love pasta!
  • Sometimes there are hard days when both your body and mind are tired and nothing goes like planned. I had that kind of day today while doing a big photoshoot. I was slow. I forgot things. I wasn’t the best version of myself. It is frustrating, I know, but that happens to all of us. And I’m happy that this time I wasn’t so hard on myself. After the photoshoot I left all other works for next week, cooked myself dinner and now I’m just laying on the sofa. And I’m already feeling much better!
✨So let’s all be kind to ourselves next week - sometimes a bit of rest is all you need. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday evening!
  • Prepping dinner for tonight - beautiful gilt-head bream with lime, thyme, lemon and brown butter sauce. Perfect to enjoy with a nice glass of white wine and roasted potatoes.
It has been raining all day and the streets here are covered with layers of ice and water – so slippery you can barely walk. But I made it to grocery store to buy some great ingredients for tomorrow!
But now I’m just wondering how to finish our dinner tonight – dessert is necessary! Any Saturday dinner plans there?
  • I’m already dreaming of my weekend breakfasts and really slow mornings!
I’ve never been able to drink coffee (even though I love the smell of roasted coffee beans) my body doesn’t react very well to it. But oh I love tea! I’m not a morning tea person on workdays, I prefer to start my day with a fresh cold drink like smoothie. But on weekends I like to sit on my green velvet couch, read the news from good old newspaper and drink two or three big cups of some good tea.
Are you a coffee or tea person? Or do you have some other special drink you would love to have on a Saturday brunch?