Raikas palsternakka-omenakeitto



2–3 annosta
30 min
vegaaninen, gluteeniton

– n.400 g palsternakkaa
– 3 rkl rypsiöljyä
– suolaa
– 1 vihreä (granny smith-) omena
– 3 valkosipulinkynttä
– 5 dl kasvislientä
– 2 dl kookosmaitoa
– puolikkaan sitruunan mehu
– (muutama oksa timjamia)

Kuumenna uuni 200-asteiseksi. Kuori palsternakat ja pilko pieniksi kuutioiksi. Levitä kuutiot leivinpaperille, uunipellille ja ripottele päälle 2 rkl rypsiöljyä ja muutama ripaus suolaa. Paahda uunissa noin 10 minuuttia. Pese omena, poista siemenkota ja pilko hedelmä sillä välin. Lisää palat uunipellille ja paahda vielä noin 15 minuuttia (tai kunnes palsternakka on kypsää ja pehmeää).

Kuori ja murskaa valkosipulinkynnet ja kuullota kattilassa 1 ruokalusikallisessa öljyä. Lisää kattilaan kasvisliemi ja anna poreilla 8–10 minuuttia. Ota kattila pois liedeltä ja kaada liemen joukkoon kookosmaito ja sekoita.

Laita paahdetut palsternakat ja omenat, liemiseos sekä sitruunan mehu tehosekoittimeen ja sekoita tasaiseksi keitoksi. Viimeistele annos halutessasi esimerkiksi tuoreella timjamilla. Nauti keitto lämpimänä tai kylmänä! Vähentämällä liemen määrän noin puoleen, voi keitosta tehdä myös pyreen ja nauttia lisukkeena!


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  • These little green jewels are a bit late, but we still have time. I hope they will get nice and red before the air gets too cold for them. But they’re beautiful and so big that those thin branches can barely hold them.
This is a new variety I haven’t tried before but to be honest I’ve never tasted a bad tomato from my own garden. So no need to worry about that. They’re always really tasty and so delicious I could just eat tomato and mozzarella salad all the summer!
Do you still have some underripe vegetables in the garden?🌿
  • Friday dinner time! I’m missing my garden but luckily I’ll be there soon again. I think the last zucchinis will be ready to pick then too!🌿 There are no flowers left anymore, but I can still dream about these little beauties.
Today has been a rainy day – that gives me some hope to find a loads of mushrooms when going for a walk in the forest next time. Until now it has been way too dry for any mushrooms!
Have you found any mushrooms yet?
  • This apple tree needed some rest this year. Last summer it produced more apples than ever, and now it seemed to need a year off. This tree has been there longer than I’ve lived. It’s beautiful, old apple tree which has brought so much joy (and delicious apples) to our lives. I hope to see those little beautiful green apples again next year!
I’ve also planted a pear tree in my garden this summer and I’m excited to see what happens during the next years. Though I love seasonal summer gardening, even more I love to see little trees growing strong and starting to produce fruits during the first years of their lives.
Another reason to be excited – weekend! Perfect time to relax and enjoy the last weeks of summer weather. Also, perfect time for some cooking. Do you have any cooking or baking plans for this weekend?
I hope you have a relaxing Thursday evening!
  • “The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating.”
- John Walters
I’ve definitely focused on eating this week because I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to even think about photographing or making new recipes. I hope I have time for that soon again. But luckily I have many pictures ready to be shared with you!
Now, little time for relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow’s workday!
What’s your go-to dinner for busy workdays?
  • I wouldn’t mind a piece of this delicious smörgåstårta right now! (Or this table setting in the garden.)
Monday couldn’t get any busier than today has been, so no time for special cooking or baking. But maybe later this week! I have so many recipes to test and photograph, but way too little time. I guess I’m not the only creative here with this problem?
What would you wish to have on your dinner table tonight?
  • Let’s raise a glass for relaxing Sunday evening!🥂 I’ve had a really efficient day and now I’m back home, ready to cook myself some late dinner. I have a big basket of beautiful new potatoes on my kitchen table and some silky homemade hummus in the fridge, so I think these will make a perfect couple!
What’s on your dinner table tonight?
  • Last days for picking currants before they’re gone.🌿 We have beautiful red and black varieties in our own garden but we also got these stunning white ones from our neighbours! I’m definitely collecting some seeds, I want to have these in my own garden someday!
It’s magical what nature and countryside do to one’s mind. I have worked here a lot, but just the change of scenery, sea and forests around me, I feel like I would’ve had a free day. I also baked something really delicious – I’m sharing more of it later!
What ingredient has inspired you today?