Simppelit uunibataatit munakoisolla ja lehtikaalilla

Täytetyt uunibataatit munakoisollaTäytetyt uunibataatit munakoisolla

Uunibataatit munakoiso-paputäytteellä ja lehtikaalila

2 annosta
1 h
vegaaninen, gluteeniton

– 1–2 bataattia (riippuen bataatin koosta sekä ruokahalusta, itselleni riittää puolikas bataatti)
– 2 rkl rypsiöljyä

– 0,25 dl rypsiöljyä
– ½ munakoiso
– 1–2 sipulia
– noin 200 g papuja (esimerkiksi voipapuja tai kidneypapuja) tai kikherneitä
– suolaa

– muutama lehti lehtikaalia
– 1 rkl rypsiöljyä

Kuumenna uuni 220°C asteeseen.
Puolita bataatti/bataatit pitkittäissuunnassa ja asettele uunivuokaan leikkuupuoli ylöspäin. Ripottele päälle 2 rkl rypsiöljyä ja paahda uunissa noin tunnin ajan, kunnes bataatit ovat pehmeitä.
Valmista samalla täyte. Kuumenna neljäsosadesi öljyä kattilassa ja pilko joukkoon pieneksi munakoiso sekä sipulit. Paista n. 10–15 minuuttia, kunnes sipuli on pehmennyt ja munakoison pinta hieman karamellisoitunut. Lisää joukkoon pavut tai kikherneet, sekoittele hetki ja ota kattila pois liedeltä. Jos käytät isoja voipapuja, voit myös murskata niitä hieman tasaisemman koostumuksen saavuttamiseksi.
Kuumenna 1 rkl rypsiöljyä pannussa. Revi lehtikaali pieniksi ja paista kuumalla pannulla rapeaksi.
Levitä valmiiden bataattipuolikkaiden päälle täytettä ja rapeaa lehtikaalia ja nauti heti.



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  • Hello spring, you sleeping beauty, we’ve waited for you!
Finally it’s starting to feel like spring. There’s still some snow on the ground, but sun is shining and warming it’s way through the remains of winter. Birds are singing so eagerly I can hear them through closed windows. Sky is blue, no clouds anywhere. I left one wool layer off and didn’t feel cold. I can almost see how fast the little buds are growing in the branches of trees.
I love all seasons, but seeing and hearing the  nature waking up again is something that makes me unbelievably happy. Every year. And that light. I could talk about it for hours. How magical it is to wake up to sunshine or how amazing it is to be able to photograph the whole day, not just 2-3 hours. Welcome spring and summer - I’ve missed you!
I hope you‘ve had a beautiful spring day, wherever you are!
  • Oh what a long walk and baking can do to body and mind!
Today wasn’t an easy day for me. And I want to talk about it, because nowadays it’s the illusion of perfect life in social media that can make us feel even worse on a bad day. Everybody else’s lives look pretty perfect, don’t they? Though instagram is an amazing source of inspiration, it can also put so much pressure on us.
I had a bad day because of my body. It made me so dizzy and anxious I couldn’t even respond to emails when I got up this morning let alone do any other work stuff. I can be pretty hard on myself when it comes to work. But I’m so happy that this time I listened to my body. I skipped gym and work and closed my laptop. I had a slow walk in the fresh spring air, ordered a big bowl of spicy sashimi salad to my door and ate it in my bed while watching Netflix. Then I spontaneously wanted to bake banana bread. And I did that too. And those were the best decisions of this week. I didn’t fight back the anxiety or force myself to work.
And what happened was that after 4-5 hours my energy levels went up and I was excited about working again. 💪🏼 I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t done all these slow and relaxing things, I would still be in that condition I couldn’t do anything. So, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember to do things that make you feel better, physically and mentally. Believe me, we all have bad days! It’s just something we usually are ashamed of in this busy, efficient and work centered world.
So let’s share! What are your ways to slow down? Cooking, sleeping, a long walk or something else?
Have a great evening guys! Weekend starts tomorrow, yay!
  • It’s healthy if it contains some fresh fruit, right? 💁🏼‍♀️ My sweet tooth is craving for this roasted pineapple dessert I created for my cookbook. It’s a perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty!
Though I love everything sweet, my favourite kind of desserts always have some salty elements too! What about you, how do you like your desserts? Just sweet topped with sweet or something salty to balance the sweetness?
  • “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”
- Oprah Winfrey
I saw this quote this morning and it really sums up my thoughts for the past couple of days. I’ve set up some crazy goals and dreams for myself during last 5 years. Those dreams really scared me back then. But I think if my goal is not scary at all, it’s not big enough.
During this weekend I realised that I’ve achieved many of those goals. And it was time to write down some new ones. I promise you, those dreams are huge! There are no many people who I could tell about those things. Many would probably think that I’ve gone crazy (and not in a good way). And that’s actually a thing that annoys me sometimes. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing, but I feel like if I said all my big goals aloud, people would think I’m arrogant. And that is not the case. Being cocky and dreaming big are not the same thing. We should all dream together!
Just after writing these things down and speaking aloud about them, I feel like I’ve taken big steps towards reaching them. Without those black letters on my notebook I wouldn’t even dare to think that my dreams could come true.
So what I’ve learned lately - write your dreams on paper or say them aloud (at least to yourself), and you’ve taken the first step towards them!
Any other big dreamers out there?🙋🏼‍♀️
  • Just came here to wish you a lovely Saturday evening! (My plan for tomorrow: baking)
  • Free evening, a glass of white wine on the coffee table, cheese and grapes on the plate and these beautiful walnuts waiting their turn. I’ve almost forgotten how good it feels to do nothing.
I really like buying nuts in shells if possible. It reminds me of my childhood. We had all kind of nuts on a beautiful wooden tray, waiting for weekend evenings, maybe even guests. I remember how exciting it was to crack a hard shell and find the eatable parts inside. I didn’t like the taste of walnuts as a child, so I just loved to crack them and hand them to my parents. Sometimes I might break more than anyone wanted to eat.
Nowadays I love also the eating part. My favourites are hazelnuts and peanuts. (Well, who would not love peanuts.) Do you have any favourites?
I hope you have a relaxing Friday evening!
  • Oh what a big day last Tuesday was. It was the last photoshoot day for my next cookbook. All the recipes and pictures are done now!
It’s odd how achieving something can leave you a little confused with your feelings. Do you know what I mean? Like I’m so relieved and happy but at the same time it’s a bit sad that this project I’ve had since last summer is almost over. When a work project is very meaningful, it can be a bit hard to let go.
There are still many things ahead before I get the book in my hands. Layout design, proofreading and many little steps more. But finishing the photographing part is a big deal for me.
And guess what! My book will be in English too, so anyone around the world can order it. I’m so excited about this! I can’t wait to show you more!